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Philosopher Newton-John Once Said: Let’s Get Physical!

Spring has officially sprung here in Las Vegas and Summer is right around the corner! (sorry North-easterners!) With the pools and day clubs open, the motivation to be fit, healthy, look and feel good is spreading like wild fire all across our sinful little city. Bitten by the fit infection, Muse Artists Jennifer and Lauren are sharing their goals, tips, and tricks to help motivate not only the modern bride, but anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Jennifer’s Goal: Survive the Havasupai Fall IX 5 Day Hike in June

When my partner-in-crime mentioned me joining him and the Las Vegas Hikers Group on a 5 day, 4 night hike in the Havasupai canyons, I thought it sounded like an amazing adventure! When he began to explain further what said “adventure” would entail, my jaw began dropping to the floor like bad car accident in slow motion. Key phrases like “11 miles in and out,” and “first 2 miles downhill with a 2,000 foot elevation change,” registered faster than “hiking to the Grand Canyon,” and “beautiful turquoise blue waterfalls...” As a self-proclaimed novice hiker, 5’5” and only 105lbs, I certainly have my work cut out for me on this adventure meant for moderate hikers! Sure I enjoy working out and eating healthy, but this once in a lifetime experience will take a lot of preparation: muscle building, strength training and hiking practice (Amen to Red Rock Canyon only being a 30 minute drive away!)

Gym Focus: Legs and Back

Favorite Routines: Squats with Kettle Bells, leg presses and deadlifts. I cannot praise kettle bells enough! There are so many different workouts you can do with them and they come in different weights and sizes. Since I'm naturally tiny and my goal is to not tumble down a canyon, I skip cardio all together except to walk on the treadmill on an incline of 10 or steeper.

Diet: In trying to build muscle, I’ve been upping my daily calories and incorporating more protein, vegetables, and leafy greens into my diet. Every morning I make myself a kale, spinach, banana and almond milk shake which gives me incredible energy throughout the day. I don’t measure the ingredients to a T, but instead go off taste (ex: If it tastes like a garden, I add more banana to mask the taste.) Lately I've been adding a dash of whey protein powder to my shake to give my body more protein oomph. Lunch and dinner usually consists of salmon, chicken or steak with fresh vegetables. Reaching my goal and surviving the hike is important to me but I still allow myself to indulge in a glass of wine or an ice cold craft beer without forgetting to drink at least 1 liter of water a day.

Lauren’s Goal: Becoming a Healthy Mommy and a Fit Wife

A few months after my husband and I were wed, we decided on having a child right away. Before you knew it, 3 months into our newlywed bliss, we were pregnant! We were overjoyed and could not have been happier! Of course everyone wants to be super healthy for their first pregnancy and so did I, but after a while I started craving junk food, fast food and chicken breast (which I ate everyday before I was pregnant) and the unhealthy food actually made me nauseous! The key to my pregnancy success was I gave in to my cravings and allowed myself to splurge on the bad foods and a soda here and there but never excessively indulged. I gained a total of 35 pounds when I was pregnant (which is very average) and I had a great pregnancy with no morning sickness and only a little heartburn towards the end. My last trimester was when I decided to start walking and bouncing on my yoga ball to help my delivery out (and YES, the rumors are true because it worked!) I had a great delivery (only 8 hours) and with an epidural, it was cake!

A month into postpartum I was determined to get my body back! Once I switched my daughter to formula, I started eating extra healthy and eased myself into working out again. I still have a ways to go but so far this journey of becoming healthy for my daughter and husband has been a great one!

Start weight: 211 (the day I delivered)
Pre-pregnancy weight: 176
Wedding weight/GOAL: 150

Today's weight: 177 (that's what the scale at the gym today said!)

Gym Focus: cardio-arms-legs-butt
(Pretty much everything!)

Favorite routines: The elliptical for cardio, machine weights for arms and legs, (I only use free weights at home) HOT YOGA, (a must try if you have never but please drink LOTS of water) the "crowd pleaser" which is a machine my husband makes fun of me for using but you sit and spread your legs and it works your inner then outer thighs, and lastly, push ups—even though I only do the "girl push ups"... for now!

Diet: I try and start my day with a bottle of water to hydrate my body. I'll either have an apple or some strawberries for breakfast. Lunch and dinner consists of a piece of tilapia or some shrimp seasoned to taste and a veggie like fresh spinach in which I cook it right in the pan that I just cooked my fish and add some water to steam them. 

"My before and after progress!"

Whether you have a specific goal to achieve, are trying to tone up for your Las Vegas wedding, or are merely focusing on health and fitness in general, the Muse Crew is right there with you! For tips, tricks or just to send us your own progress or inspiration selfies, get in touch with us via Instagram @MuseArtistryLV and #FitLikeAMuse

Xo Always,
Muse Artistry

(All photos courtesy of Instagram)

  Muse Artistry is Las Vegas's first boutique company to cater to the modern Las Vegas bride. Specializing in wedding hair, makeup, planning, and entertainment coordinating, Muse Artistry's goal is to provide custom services designed to tell your story and excite your guests.

Pinterest Said to Put What in My Mouth?!

    Anyone that knows us here at the Muse Headquarters knows we’re avid Pinterest “Pinners” and anyone that’s on Pinterest can tell you that the uses of coconut oil is endless (and pretty much the best thing in the world.) After seeing the millionth pin about how great coconut oil is, this pinner decided to buy a jar. That jar sat unused on a shelf in my kitchen for a few months until a couple weeks ago when I saw an article about oil pulling in my Facebook feed. Oil pulling? After doing a quick google search and reading a few articles, I learned that oil pulling is an ancient holistic technique used to rid the mouth and body of toxins. The science behind this technique seemed to make sense to me - bacteria in your mouth are single celled organisms and when they come into contact with fat (oil) they adhere to each other, so swishing oil around in your mouth would make all of the bacteria stick to each other in the oil which you then spit out (this is key- you must spit it out!) Yes, I understand that brushing your teeth, flossing and using mouthwash will prevent oral bacteria, but incorporating oil pulling into your daily routine will help your overall health by literally pulling the disease causing bacteria from your mouth (hence “oil pulling”- genius!)

    The next morning I dusted off my jar of coconut oil, (checked the expiration date of course) stalked my dentist to make sure he approved, and began my journey of swishing a tablespoon coconut oil around in my mouth. For starters, a tablespoon is a lot more than I was expecting (maybe I should revisit middle school) and the consistency is gross, but I stuck to it. Twenty minutes later I spit it out and inspected my smile in the mirror. I’m not sure what I was expecting (ok, maybe a genie to grant me the wish of whiter teeth since I can’t use whitening strips) but my mouth felt noticeably clean. After oil pulling three to five times a week for three weeks now, I’ve noticed I feel better throughout the day, my mouth has the “after dentist” clean feeling, and that my teeth are actually whiter (cue that annoying Orbit gum girl.)

Oil Pulling Directions and Tips:

-Due to its detoxifying effects, you should oil pull first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything.

-Measure a tablespoon of coconut oil, put it in your mouth and begin swishing it around just like you would with mouthwash. A tablespoon is a lot, so you might want to start with a smaller amount and work up to a tablespoon. The oil will probably be solid at first, (unless you’re like me and leave it in your car by accident) but it will quickly turn to liquid once you begin swishing.

-Swish the oil in your mouth for 20 minutes just like mouthwash and I found setting an alarm on my phone helps me commit to the full 20. If 20 minutes seems to long, try to start with 10 and work your way up to the full 20. I usually shower and do my hair while I’m swishing the oil around in my mouth.

-After 20 minutes, spit the oil out in a garbage can - you don’t want to spit it in the sink or toilet because the oil can harden up and clog the pipes. You’ll notice that the oil is a different consistency and color when you spit it out, this is a sign that it worked and that the oil is filled with the bad bacteria from your mouth.

                Coconut oil is inexpensive ($3-8) and can be picked up at any grocery store. We highly encourage you give this trend a try!

Xo Always,
Muse Artistry

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A Smashing Good Time

Las Vegas Makeup Artists

It seemed only fitting that amidst all our pre-wedding season organizational madness, the Muse Artistry Artists would get an invite-of-all invites to join the Smashbox Cosmetics team for a legendary photo event for an extremely good cause.
As certified makeup lovers (enthusiasts, hoarders...) when we hear the word "Smashbox" our mouths literally begin to salivate at the thought of silky primers, liquid Halo and smoky kohl. This past Saturday, Smashbox Studios sent celebrity photographer, Drew Schwartz, and a team of Smashbox makeup artists to Nellis Air Force Base to do make-overs on the women serving or supporting. When we got the invite to train and perform some make-over magic, we couldn't have cleaned our brushes faster! (after all, it's not every day a makeup artist gets to train under the National Artistry Trainer of Smashbox Cosmetics, Laura Schierhorn. Swoon.) Laura's high energy and infectious smile got the entire team through 110 makeup applications which were accompanied by touching stories from the women and beautiful photographs by Drew (including a super cute group shot he posted on his Instagram!)

(Photo courtesy of Instagram, drewschwartz)

To see if Smashbox will be hosting one of their legendary Photo Events near you, check out the dates they have posted this for Spring. You never know, you might get lucky with one of our own gracing your face with our Smashbox #22 fan brush.

Xo Always, Muse

Bride's By Muse: Ashley

Being in the wedding industry, we constantly interact and work with a colorful array of people. Sometimes their colors come across pleasant and calm, like a pale pink, other times we feel like we just ran the color run and are left with bursts of neon all over our clothes. We never know what to expect with each appointment but our latest bride, Ashley, was a perfect mixture of neon and pale pink! 

Our hair and makeup team was warmly greeted with hugs by a smiling Ashley (who was ready with mimosas in hand! We had to decline, of course) and it was a dream job! Well, dream job until Ashley informed us that she is a hair stylist herself and owns an uber adorable and successful salon, Hello Gorgeous! in Napels, FL. Working on another hair stylist is super nerve-racking because, 1. We're used to being in control and 2. We tend to be a tad picky... Thankfully, we were blessed to work with our "dream bride" Ashley and were able to take her breath away with the knotted up-do we created:

Muse Artistry completely exceeded my expectations for my wedding hair and make up!!! I'm extremely picky, seeing as I own a hair salon of my own in Florida. Jennifer and her team were confident they could handle me and my picky bridesmaids, and they did a fabulous job! I couldn't have been happier with their work. Everyone looked absolutely beautiful! They are very talented group of ladies, who were early for our appt time, and kept right on schedule the whole day. (Despite our lunch and champagne breaks). I would highly recommend Muse Artistry for your wedding no matter how big or small!” Ashley, Yelp! 1.16.14

(One of our most pinned hairstyles on Pinterest!)

Xo Always,

The Muse Artists

Shhh... Boudoir Sessions with F-Sequence

Skip the box of chocolates, cologne, or boxers for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day! We're so excited to announce our collaboration with the talented photographers from F-Sequence Studio! Together we are offering the ultimate Boudoir shoot experience. Stick with our Boudoir theme or venture off to the Vintage Glam look, pin-up… whatever makes you feel sexiest. Your session will make an excellent gift to your significant other for Valentine’s Day, a wedding or anniversary gift… Each session includes hair and makeup by Muse Artistry, 2 8x10 prints, retouched digital photos and options to purchase additional photos.

Dates: January 20, 2014- February 12, 2014


                *45 minute boudoir shoot:

                1 look, hair and makeup, 2 8x10 prints, 5 retouched digital photos // $150

                *90 minute Boudoir shoot:

                2 looks, hair and makeup, 2 8x10 prints, 10 retouched digital photos // $250

Las Vegas Location: F-Sequence Studio, 3125 W. Ali Baba Ln. Ste 705, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Contact for booking:

                Deacon 702.513.5037 //

                Morgan 702.472.9051 //

For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest page!

Xo Always,

(Photography by F-Sequence Studio)

Muse's Winter Beauty Muse-Have's

With winter unavoidably approaching, there is so much to get excited about- shopping and decorating for the holidays, ice skating at The Cosmopolitan hotel’s ice rink, layers and boots… But the universal winter burden we’re not excited for is the dry skin, chapped lips, and brittle hair. We pulled our resources and came up with our top 5 must haves to keep skin and hair looking beautiful this cold, dry season while being affordable and easy to find for yourself and gifts for friends and family.


The first step in skin repair is exfoliation and your lips are no exception. Our favorite lip scrub by far is whatever Lush Cosmetics is offering! Apply the scrub directly to your lips and gently scrub the dead skin away with your fingertip. Right now you can grab their “Santa’s Lip Scrub” for only $8.95 and savor the investment to your

Pro Tip: If you’re going with Lush Cosmetics, apply your lip scrub over a sink or towel because the product is genius, but the texture can make a mess.

For a daily use on really dry, chapped or cracked lips, we will reveal our secret: Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment. It’s a steal ($2.49 at CVS) and is filled with cocoa butter, aloe, vitamins A and E. The best part? It works instantly!



The changing of seasons really sucks on your hair. Is your hair starting to feel dry, or even brittle? Not curling right or holding product as well? Us too. In times like these we love Moroccan Oil’s treatments for a quick restoring and hydrating session. Moroccan Oils Restorative Mask ($43) is a 5-7 minute revitalizing treatment that quickly repairs hair that is very week and, bonus, great for color treated hair. It’s so rich in argan oil and protein to fortify and strengthen any damaged hair.

Another favorite is Moroccan Oil’s Intense Hydrating Mask ($54) is used for hair that is in need of extra conditioning. Let it sit for 5 full minutes, rinse out, and allow the argan oil formula to deeply hydrate and condition the hair improving the hairs texture with lots of shine and manageability.

Pro Tip: Be sure to rinse your hair EXTRA well! This product likes to stick around and will make your blow dry impossible if it’s not 100% washed out.


We’re finally ready to reveal our secret winter go-to moisturizer for this cold season is Neutrogena Intensified Day Moisture. This moisturizer has SPF 15 and instantly hydrates your face without making your makeup look oily. Apply a little before bed and before applying a foundation application for a flawless finish.

Pro Tip: A little goes a long way with this cream. Dollop out a nickel’s size and massage, massage, massage!



To help have soft luxurious hands, L’OCCITANE hand cream is enriched with nourishing shea butter to moisturize and replenish dehydrated hands. Found at any L’OCCITANE stores or at Sephora, this cream is steal and a great stocking stuffer!


With these must have products for this season is always great to have to fight cracked skin and dry hair and staying beautiful and glow for the whole world to see and they will be asking you what fabulous products your using every day.

XO always,

Muse artistry

Want to know more on whats going on with Muse? Stay tuned for next week on our weekly blog and follow us on Instagram @museartistrylv to see more!

Hallo-Wedding: Brittney & Josh

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is just around the corner, we felt it was appropriate to back-track to Halloween and the “Hallo-wedding” that is officially in the running for one of our favorite weddings we’ve worked on. With a wedding on Halloween, one might envision a dark pallet with guests dressed in costumes and decorative skulls, black cats, and perhaps even a Chucky doll scattered about. Not Brittney and Josh’s wedding! Halloween holds a special place in Brittney and Josh’s hearts but instead of the traditional Frankenstein and witches hats, they opted for Gatsby styling and jeweled toned accessories.

Captured by the talented Matt Cali Photography, Brittney and Josh chose downtown’s Fremont St. as the backdrop of their “first-look” photo shoot before heading to their celebration held in a stunning suite at the MGM Grand.

By far the most memorable moment of this event came when the ring barrier chose his tux. Presented with two options, he lift his little paw and gave a little scratch indicating his choice (yes, Brittney’s ring barrier was none other than her adorable puppy, Count!)

Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
{Photography By Matt Cali Photography)

Xo Always,

"Brittney and Josh's wedding had many memorable moments and my favorite was, of course, the bride-to-be with her stunning, eye catching, crystal wedding gown paired with elegant heels clustered with gems and jewels! As for her bouquet, I couldn't help but snap a quick Instagram picture! It wasn't filled with traditional flowers but a cluster of exquisite glass flowers and decorated with crystal spider webs, diamond spiders, pearls and of course "a something old, something borrowed and something new" that brought it all together for this beautiful bride to be on this special day."
Xo, Ashlee (Artist)

Thanks-Give Away!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we cant help but think of all the wonderful things we have to be thankful for right now. Things like, the return of the Startbucks holiday red cup and Peppermint Mocha's, family and friends traveling to celebrate blessings over turkey and football, Birchbox...  

When posed with the question, "what are you thankful for?" we were able to come up with dozens of reasons (more serious than Starbucks, but really, that red cup sighting does excite us!) With so many blessings to account for, and so many weddings under our belt, we wanted to find a way to give thanks back to our wedding community here in Las Vegas. We're on the hunt to find a more than deserving Bride-to-be and give her the wedding hair and makeup of her dreams! Do you fit or know someone who fits the bill? Send us a little story why at by Thanksgiving and one lucky Bride getting married in Las Vegas will receive complimentary hair and makeup by Muse Artistry!

Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup 

What three things are you thankful for? Some of the ladies in the Muse crew sound off below:

Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
1. Family and friends. 2. Thankful for god blessing me every day. 3. Mostly thankful for god helping my family and my grandma become stronger as a family as she battles her last day of cancer.

Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
1. My Jeffery Campbell collection 2. My cute new house 3. My healthy body (hard work and dedication!)

Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
1. Health 2. Family 3. A blessed life

Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
1. Family and friends (and cat, Versace) 2. Seasonal craft beer 3. Good health and happiness

Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
1. I'm grateful to be alive that's for sure! 2. I'm grateful for my family and friends and the time we have spent together. 3. I'm grateful for all the entertainment Miley Cyrus has been providing lately! (jk) 

Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
1. My dog Sasha. 2. My job 3. My friends and family

Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
1. My husband. 2. My daughter. 3. My family!*

*We also want to take this time to congratulate Lauren and her husband Elio on the upcoming addition to their family! We're overjoyed!

Xo, The Muse Crew

{Photo Credits: F-Sequence Studio, Instagram}

Give Away Rules:
Bride or referred bride must be getting married in Las Vegas; Entry's must be received by Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 28, 2013. Winner will be chosen December 1, 2013.

Las Vegas Engagements: Cheryl & Rob

With Cheryl and Rob's Las Vegas wedding ONE week away (we're so excited!) we wanted to share their amazing two day engagement photo shoot captured by the talented Front Room Photography. The stylish owners of Las Vegas' number one floral shop, Flowers of the Field, challenged us to create three looks for them, and complimented them with great designer pieces from their own wardrobe like Ted Baker and Marc Jacobs. We've known Cheryl and Rob for almost four years and was over the moon with happiness when they asked us to join their team of wedding vendors! We started our shoot at the Las Vegas Neon Boneyard, worked our way to Fremont St., and ended at The Cosmopolitan hotel. We stayed on location to assist Neil and Eron from Front Room, and it was a world-wind two days of visual magic! We can't wait to reunite next Saturday and be a part of Cheryl and Rob's most important day.

Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and MakeupLas Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and MakeupLas Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup
Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup

| Las Vegas Engagement Shoot Locations: Neon Boneyard, Fremont St., The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas | Photography: Front Room Photography | Engagement Hair and Makeup: Muse Artistry |

Xo Always,

WINNER: Wedding Industry Experts 2013 Awards

Congratulations to Muse Artistry Las Vegas! Thank you to everyone who voted us "Best Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup," and "Best New Las Vegas Wedding Planner!" We couldn't have reached this milestone without the support of our Muse lovelies and supporters! Thank You!

Xo Always,


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